Concept Statement
Hidden Truth

Through this project I wanted to express the concern with consumerism in modern society. Today we commonly see media depicting who we are and what we should be. However, that is not necessarily the way corporations advertise their products and how they should affect us. Corporations tend to discretely advetise their portrayal of who and what modern man and woman should be; essentially, since they give us an “option” to buy into their ad. Yet, we are constantly bombared with hundreds of ads each day trying to sell us their ideal product, which will improve us in every which way.

Nowadays, media is not entirely focused on the product’s intended use, instead, advertisement reveals a story about their product and who specifically should use it. It goes beyond selling a product, now it’s about selling an image of our “identity.” Unfortunately, that “identity” is not at our discretion because it is created to mold us into the beings consumerism defines. Through this process there is no sense of individuality in wich we live as droids succumbed to consumerism.

To create this tryptich, I focused on the innate sense of individualism within us, which is irreverently molded into the identity defined through consumerism. Thus, I created a grid pattern that reflects an initial idea of society and a sense of order that consumerism wishes to achieve. Then I created colored panels, which demonstrate pixels of a larger image of who we should be. Within these grids I overlayed individual images, which represent the innate sense of individualism within. However, that individualism is disjointed from us throught the text: “I am _______. ” We are no longer defined by our own character; we are defined by our consumerist character.