Concept Statement
Digital Cake

“Why not?”

In considering the attributes cakes, I derived various connotations expressive of my interpretation as to what a digital cake entails. The first thought that came to mind was a sense of ambiguity; basically, regarding the fact that cakes do not necessarily have to be one specific thing. Furthermore, I was driven into the layers defining cakes, and how that sets a foundation in identifying the bareness of the cake.

As I progressively thought about the project, different conditions came to mind regarding the world and how there are millions of people out there, whom we will never recognize or meet.


Each individual has a story to tell, and if we take the time or get the chance we just might capture the essence of their being, as the story unravels. Thus, I focused on a stereotypical group of “homeless” people constantly overlooked in our society. If we look closer and peel those layers away, we might begin to understand.

Throughout the project I used several techniques, which predominantly involved layering and adjusting the transparency capabilities. I refrained from manipulating the images themselves, and allowed them to remain in their original context in order to emphasize the reality.


For this project I wanted to focus on the idea of layers, and capture the harsh reality that we face in the world. So, I thought about a torn paper effect that would incorporate a sense of familiarity on the outskirts, but as we look past the tears we are able to see the deeper story. Near the center, I question the world and their intentions regarding this particular dilemma, and any other dilemma for that matter